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Hey everyone, I’m Mike, the older guy in the picture with the sunglasses. My whole life has been one big rolling ball of stress, in childhood, in my teen years andAbout Mike through my whole adult life. I was either fearful of something, avoiding something, taking care of business, personal problems or someone Else’s problems; I had very little time to enjoy life. I always put on a good front, showing I was enjoying life, but underneath I was basically unhappy. My family is the happiest part of my life, and if not for their support, life would be very dismal.

A Walking Time Bomb

I developed high blood pressure young in life and have been on various types of medication since my early twenties, now I’m sixty-three. During my business years, for a prolonged period of time I had a blood pressure ranging from 180/100 to 245/130; I was a walking time bomb and I didn’t know it. Thirteen years ago I lost my business through bankruptcy and was forced into another very stressful period in life.

Eventually, I got my blood pressure under control but now I have other health problems.

Story About How I Found Out

I want to talk to you about how my stressful life affected my health. Maybe you have a similar problem, I don’t know, but if you do I would like to share stories with you and we could possibly help each other out.

Now, I want to tell you a story about how I found out, by fluke, at a later age, why at certain times during my everyday life I feel nauseated, tired, weak, and have blurry vision; oh yeah, and sometimes I lose concentration and also my shins gets itchy. I always thought it was because I’m not eating right, not exercising enough, smoking, and drinking too much. Of course none of these things are good and they can contribute to some of the symptoms mentioned but these are not the main reasons.

Recently while hiking in the mountains of British Columbia I kept having bouts of nausea and weakness, eventually after a week, the bouts not stopping, I went to see a Doctor in emergency at a local hospital; it was just my luck I met a Doctor that had a similar problem and he explained it to me in very simple terms. Of course he did many tests before his explanation.

He said, prolonged stress led to high blood pressure and high blood pressure over a long period of time led to theBlood Vessels destruction of blood vessels in my kidneys. After extreme exercise, like hiking to the top of a mountain, my muscles metabolized, giving off Creatinine, a waste by-product that is flushed through my kidneys. If my kidneys are only operating at, let’s say, 80 percent because of the destroyed blood vessels, they will have a problem getting rid of the Creatinine, causing my nausea, weakness, blurry vision, and other symptoms.

In my case the condition is chronic meaning I’ll be stuck with it for the rest of my life. It’s fortunate that I went on the hiking expedition, at least now I know what the problem is, and I can try to change my lifestyle to deal with it.

Sharing Information

I’m going to dedicate this website to the sharing of information with you on how I go about my daily activities. Don’t forget, I will only be talking about how this problem affects me; it doesn’t necessarily affect others the same way. You would have to go to a Doctor to get your own diagnosis.

The only advice I can share is based on my personal experiences and how I’m affected by my problem; I would like to share information with others. Please feel free to comment below; or email me personally if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your information with others; hope we can both offer each other support.

I wish everyone all the best and thanks for coming to my website.

Have a great day


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Email: mike@stresstalks.com

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