Does Alcohol Reduce Stress, Absolutely Not?

When I was younger and in business, or when I had family, and other problems, I used to think the odd drinkDrinking Alcohol once in a while would solve any stress I was put under on any particular day; man, was I wrong.

Did the alcohol solve my stress problems, no, it caused more problems in my life, and also caused physical problems that continued for a long time. So, if you think alcohol reduces stress, it does not, and I’m going to explain the reasons why.

I Made A Habit Of Drinking

Firstly, I can’t say that after a full day of unbelievable stress that a few drinks doesn’t calm me, but of course I made a habit of it, which led to my downfall in business and wrecked part of my family life. Drinking certainly does not reduce stress, it only creates others problems, and in the long run you develop even more stress.

Don’t Let It Linger On and On

Of course the solution is simple, when you have a problem that causes stress, don’t let it linger on and on, take care of the problem immediately, and if you can’t take of it right away, don’t go out and drink, solve the problem as soon as possible. After the problem is solved, then, if you wish, go out, and have a few drinks with your friends; just don’t overindulge.

Who Can Give You Comfort?

It’s great if you have someone to talk to about problems that cause stress, and I’m not talking about drinkingTalking About Stress companions at the bar that you consider your friends; I’m talking about someone who is close to you, someone who can give you comfort, and help you solve the problem.

False Promises

You should always be sober when discussing these issues; when your drinking you make false promises to yourself on how your going to solve the problem, but the next day when your sober, you have a tendency to procrastinate once again, so, I say again, solve your problems when not drinking.

Takes Away Any Shyness

Have you ever heard that alcohol is like a sedative, it calms you down, and takes away any shyness you may have when around other people. This is true, but if you drink too much alcohol because of prolonged stress, it will increase your blood pressure and eventually cause physical problems; this was one of the reasons why my kidneys are damaged.

Seriously Depressed

The only reason I drank was to relieve stress, I was never dependent on it, but I drank a lot; my life was continuous stress, non-stop, mostly bad stress. My business caused a lot of stress and when I lost it, I was under even more stress, so I drank even more; this affected me in a lot of different ways; my blood pressure got worse than it was, and I became seriously depressed.

Never Drank Alone

Today, I don’t drink at all; like I said, I was never dependent on alcohol; it was only a means I used to try to relieve stress. One thing I have never done is drink alone; I was always a social drinker and had to be around people because while drinking they made me laugh and talk about things unrelated to my stress causing issues.

Change In My Lifestyle

I have found other means, other than drinking, to relieve stress; this, in turn, decreased my blood pressure and made me a lot healthier. Of course, I still have damaged kidneys caused by 40 some years of continuous high blood pressure, caused by stress, but at least now, because of the change in my lifestyle, I live a less stressful and more productive, healthier life.

Have To Want To Do It

Later, in more articles, I want to talk about what I did to change my lifestyle; how I live my life today, and whatRight Mindset methods I used to accomplish these feats. It is not difficult, but your mindset has to be right, and you have to want to do it; want to extend your life. You know yourself, that drinking is not reducing your stressful problems; admit it.

Help Each Other

Let’s trade stories, leave a comment or email me; everyone is different, whatever works for me, might not work for you, but at least we can talk about the problems. You never know, between us, we might help each other solve many other problems related to stress, problems we never thought about. Hope to hear from you.



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