Does Stress Affect Relationships, Sounds Horrible?

When I was young and in business, daily continuous high levels of stress led to drinking too much alcohol thatAlcohol Bottles would eventually affect my relationship. So you ask, does stress affect relationships, it sure does, I lost my wife because of stress and drinking.

Argue Over The Stupidest Little Things

When I was stressed, I would go out and drink too much, then go home feeling very relaxed, and go to bed. It’s when I got up in the morning; I was usually in a bad mood and had a short fuse. I would then have an argument with my wife over the stupidest little things, things that could have been settled without arguing.

Then I would go to work and after another stressful day, I again repeated the same process; go out, drink too much, go home and sleep, get up and argue. I made a habit of this and eventually it ruined my marriage; don’t let it happen to you.

Rude Awakening

Not only did I lose my wife, I also lost my business. My wife and I are now best friends since we are separated and not living together. I have since, quit drinking; my stress levels and blood pressure have dropped dramatically. Sometimes you need a rude awakening to trigger a response towards stress, and how it’s affecting your life.

Change Can Be Difficult

Prolonged stress through my life has elevated my blood pressure and eventually caused kidney damage; I nowKidney Blood Vessels have destroyed blood vessels in my kidneys. Now it’s even more essential that I watch my stress levels because I do not want my kidneys to get any worse. Since my kidneys are partly damaged and cannot be repaired, more stress, can be much more dangerous to my body.

Therefore, I have to do four things: firstly, make sure I stay away from stressful situations; secondly, definitely not drink alcohol; thirdly, make sure I eat the right foods; and fourthly, exercise. When you’re used to living a certain lifestyle for decades, change can be difficult.

I know eating properly and exercising will be a problem for me; I will definitely have to stay home and cook for myself, also force myself to exercise. If I can accomplish these feats 80% of the time, to me, that’s great, and I have now set this as my goal.

Quitting Drinking Was Not A Problem

Quitting drinking was never a problem; I only drank to relieve stress and relax. I was never dependent on alcohol even though I drank a lot over a period of time; I never drank alone, it was always a social outing for me with people that hung out at the bar. The majority of these people were not friends, just acquaintances, most of them with drinking problems; they loved to talk and drink.

Quitting drinking to me was like switching supermarkets; I had no after effects, in fact I felt great right away. Now smoking cigarettes is another matter, this will be much harder because it definitely is an addiction more than a habit; I will talk about this later in other articles.

Make Up Your Mind

One step at a time; it’s up to you. If you have experienced the same problems I have, or something similar, thenMke Up Your Mind it’s time to make up your mind; you know now from my experience that stress does affect relationships, so what are you going to do about it. You know if you continue on with your present life style because of stress there’s a chance that you will lose everything that’s dear to you in life.

We Are All Different

I like to share information; we can learn from each other. Please leave me a comment or a personal email. This is a very large and broad topic; we are all different, what worked for me might not necessarily work for you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. Without discussion we will never know.


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