Exercise And Kidney Function

Like me, if you have Kidneys that won’t get rid of the Creatinine, a waste product, fast enough, you will not feelCreatinine Test good. You have to experiment with your body by exercising to determine the proper balance for your system. Exercise and kidney function go hand in hand because your muscles metabolize at a certain rate giving off Creatinine which your kidneys have to dispose of and if the balance is not proportional with your damaged kidneys you will get nauseated and weak; this is what happens to me.

Exercising Properly

Exercising properly and eating the right foods, makes me feel great and gives me a lot more energy.  Before I found out about my kidney problem; damaged blood vessels due to prolonged high blood pressure; I always contributed the nausea and weakness to getting older and not living right.

Extreme Hiking

I always thought if you exercised hard, it’s great for your body, and you will always feel good having a greatExtreme Hiking amount of energy; this is a correct statement for people without kidney problems.

For me, this is not the case; I found this out recently after some extreme hiking in the mountains. My muscles were metabolizing, giving off creatinine at a rate my damaged kidneys couldn’t handle; the nausea made me stop and rest many times during the hike. It didn’t matter whether I was going up or down the mountain; the same effects occurred.

Experimenting With My Body

Since then, I have been experimenting with my body to find out what it is capable of doing, where my threshold limit is. One thing for sure, I can’t do what other people with undamaged kidneys can do; I found that out during the hiking episode.

Slow Down On Treadmill

Basically, the concept is simple, but not that easy; I have to slow down. Example: If my trio-weekly exerciseSlow Down On Treadmill routine is walking on the treadmill at 4.5-5.0 miles per hour for one hour, then doing heavy weights and stretches for another hour and a half, I would have to cut my routine to walking on the treadmill at 3.5 miles per hour for half an hour, then do medium weights and stretches for another hour.

I have done this and I feel much, much better and have a lot of energy. The food I now eat is also very important; my potassium intake is a lot less. I will talk about the food I eat later; it’s much harder to control than the exercise routine.

Other Things To Talk About

Others things I would like to talk about as I develop my website are, nausea, weakness (fatigue), blurred vision and a few other symptoms I have, as a result of damaged kidneys.


I hope this little write-up helps you realize certain things, especially if you have a similar problem; it’s food for thought. I look forward to future discussion.

Please leave comments or email me directly; I find that talking about real life situations is the greatest solution there is to most problems.



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