How To Ease Stress Naturally, Without Alcohol?

Alcohol, I always found, for me, was the easiest and quickest way to relief stress, until I found out how to easeRuined Family stress naturally. The natural way is the best way; using alcohol, ruined my family life, and was instrumental in me losing my business. It also led to many health problems.

Since stress for me led to high blood pressure, and after a long period of time eventually damaged the blood vessels in my kidneys, I had to find other ways to cope with stress other than drinking alcohol.

Eat Food With Less Salt And Sugar

I eventually quit drinking and decided to find natural ways the ease my stress; I started off by eating the right foods; foods that were healthy and contained very little salt.

You will find that if you limit your salt intake and reduce the amount of sugar you eat, you will feel good physically, and those stressful thoughts will be easier to deal with; in fact they will slowly go away.

Stay Away From Junk Food

Stay away from junk food; it’s full of salt and sugar. I always found junk food a source of comfort for stress,No Junk Food especially when I turned into a couch potato, while watching television. You will find, cutting out junk food alone, will ease your stress.

Exercise For One Hour

Also, exercise is a great stress reliever; after a good hour of exercise, daily or every second day, you will feel more relaxed, and find it easier to deal with any stressful problems you may have. Exercise, I find, is one the greatest ways to relieve stress.

Find Time To Relax

You have to find time to relax; remember the past, and what you did to relax, was it yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, watching the sunrise or sunset, listening to music; whichever way it was, please try to do it again. Relaxing is a great way to ease your stress levels and it also lowers your blood pressure.

Rely On Loved Ones

One thing I used to do is list all the stress related problems on a flip chart or chalk board; I would then go throughChalk Board my problems one at a time. I would list all the pros and cons, and come up with solutions.

It’s really nice if you have a close friend or loved one you can rely on, who can be very understanding, knows your situation, and helps you as you go through the list; I would address these issues immediately; the longer you let them linger, the worse your stress will be.

Leave Your Cell Phone At Home

If you take a vacation make sure you take care of any work related, and family stress issues before you leave. If you don’t, these issues will bother you while on vacation and you definitely won’t enjoy yourself. One thing that is hard to do, especially if you own a business that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, is leave your cell phone at home, but try.

Sleep Is Important

Sleep for me is a big thing and probably one of the most important components to help ease stress. For years, while in business, I only slept 3-4 hours a night, and the only reason I slept that long was because of the social drinking binges after work before I went to bed; I probably wouldn’t have slept at all, or very little, if it wasn’t for drinking. Now that I don’t drink and try to follow the steps mentioned, I sleep like a baby, 7-8 hours a night.

Scared To Talk To You

The stress was so intense at times; my mind couldn’t focus on anything but my stress problems. Try sitting around a kitchen table to have a meal with your wife and family; they think your in la, la, land. Their scared to say anything to you in case you bite their heads off. This is no way to bring up a family. You don’t want to go through life having your family, friends, and people around you, scared to talk to you.

You Have To Try

I know by telling you how to ease stress naturally is not an easy feat, especially when you’re in a stressful andStressed depressed state, but if you really want to lower your stress levels you have to try. Doing all these things at once, for me, is almost impossible, so what I did was try one thing at a time; of course I would fall off the wagon once in a while, but I would go back and try again.

Hard To Break Old Habits

I started with breaking my old eating habits and eventually I was able to eat right 80% of the time; it’s hard to break old habits, but if you really want to ease your stress and live a longer and healthier life you have to do it; everyone is different, and they will want to try different ways to relieve stress, whatever is best for you.

Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions; I’m sure we can help each other by sharing experiences. Tell me how you’re easing your stress.



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  1. Great article.
    I don’t get stressed a lot, but I know it’s a problem for a lot of people. and a killer for some.
    The thing that I learned was that stress comes from the inside out not the outside in. Meaning we stress ourselves out.
    The best way I’ve found to relax is just a few minutes of deep belly breathing or a few minutes of meditation. It’s well worth learning and making it a habit.

    • Hi Phil,
      It’s Mike here; your right, breathing exercises or meditation can help with stress. I remember in business, if I would get stressed during a meeting, I would excuse myself and go somewhere where I could do deep breathing exercises for 5 minutes and return to the meeting feeling relaxed. All these little things help, and there are many more I will talk about as my website develops.
      Thanks for replying, have a great day.

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