Why Does Stress Cause High Blood Pressure, Are You Curious?

When you’re in a stressful situation your body produces stress hormones, which are chemical messengers. TheseHeart stress hormones cause your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to get narrow. It just makes sense that it’s going to take more pressure for your heart to pump blood through these narrow blood vessels; this in turn, will cause high blood pressure.

A big question for a lot of people in the medical profession is, why does stress cause high blood pressure? Some say there is not enough proof to support the theory that stress by itself causes long-term high blood pressure, I respectfully disagree; stress for me started at a young age and followed me through adult life causing very high blood pressure and later damaging some of the blood vessels in my kidneys.

Other Factors Linked to Stress

The Mayo clinic says that there is no credible proof that stress by itself causes long-term high blood pressure. They say it could be other factors linked to stress such as drinking too much alcohol, overeating all the wrong foods, and irregular sleeping patterns; all these things can cause your blood pressure to go up.

I agree that all three of these factors are contributors to high blood pressure, but in my case these factors are what I call sub-factors connected to prolonged stress.

A Great Steak and Mashed Potatoes

After I have a day of extreme bad stress, especially when I was in business, I don’t always feel like exercising toSteak And Potatoes reduce my stress. I feel like taking the edge off by having a few drinks or a lot of drinks and while drinking have a meal fit for a king, the type of meal that could eventually cause gout. A great steak with mashed potatoes and all the trimmings; let’s not forget the wine, liquors, and dessert. I know this stuff is not good for you, but it tastes so good, and at the time calms you down and provides comfort.

Now of course, when it’s time for bed, you flake out right away and not knowing it, you have a restless sleep all night, but at least you slept. You wake up feeling a little draggy, perhaps a little hung over, but what the heck, you solved your stress problem for at least 8 hours; now it starts all over again.

Continued Throughout My Life

I know all these things are not good for you, but if you lived this type of life for decades, like I have, something is bound to happen to your body. In my case daily stress along with all these other, what I call sub-factors, caused prolonged high blood pressure that continued throughout my life.

So, in closing I ask myself, and you should ask yourself, why does stress cause high blood pressure? I have told you how I lived, what my lifestyle was like, and how stress caused my high blood pressure; do you have the same problem? I would definitely like your comments on this issue; perhaps we can share some stories.



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